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Nex-Gen Frontline Treatment for Obesity

The Gastric Vest System™ (GVS) is a revolutionary, minimally invasive, laparoscopic, implantable device to enable weight-loss and stomach preservation. The GVS procedure imitates the weight loss like the sleeve gastrectomy but does not involve the stapling, cutting, and permanently removing up to 80% of the stomach.


Clinical Experience with Positive Outcomes

In a study, the Gastric Vest System™ patients showed durable weight loss of an average 70% excess weight loss at 6 months with a starting average BMI of 39. The ENDURE Trial is currently evaluating the safety and efficacy of the Gastric Vest System™


Life Changing Stories

The patients who got the Gastric Vest System™ say they have a better quality of life, feel full with small portions of food, and the recovery was easy “as if nothing happened.” The GVS has enabled change in their lifestyle. They feel good, feel active, and feel full.

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